Indica vs Sativa

In general, medicinal marijuana can provide a multitude of benefits by addressing a wide array of physical and mental conditions. Certain strains have certain traits that contribute to the outcome of your experience with it. The two main types of cannabis you will find in the wonderful world of marijuana are Sativa and Indica. But do you know the difference between Indica vs Sativa cannabis? From where the strains originated, how they are grown, physical appearance and smell, to the types of effects each produce and the medical conditions they treat, there are some distinct characteristics that these two major marijuana plants hold. In many ways, they are opposites, with each aspect from one countering the other. Body high vs head high, energy vs relaxation, high CBD level vs low CBD concentration, haze vs kush… can you match these characteristics under the fitting marijuana strain? When it comes to choosing between the two, it’s important to keep In mind and understand what you are using each for. Or, if you need specific benefits from both, a Hybrid is your best option. As you peruse through our wide array of Indica, Sativa and Hybrids, consider the following information that details everything you know about Sativa and Indica.

Overview Of Indica And Sativa

Sativa strains come from equatorial countries which are known for their warm climates such as Mexico, Thailand, and Jamaica. Indica strains come from the Indian subcontinent and central Asia. When looking at a cannabis plant, there are some clear ways to determine whether you are looking at an Indica or Sativa strain.Physical traits of Indica vs Sativa include:

Indica Sativa
– Short – Tall
– Bushy – Thin
– Wide leaves – Narrow leaves
– Darker in color – Paler green in color
– Often have a purple hue – Often have an orange or a red hue
– Firm and densely packed buds – Loosely packed buds, long wispy hairs
– Grows more rapidly – Grow more slowly
– Higher yield (than Sativas) – Lower yield (than Indicas)
– Require less light to grow, ideal for indoors – Require more light to grow
– Higher level of CBD – Lower level of CBD
– Lower count of THC – Higher count of THC

These two strains can offer various medicinal benefits when taken for certain conditions.
Common medicinal benefits of Indica and Sativa include:

Indica Vs Sativa Strain Names

One way to tell the difference between Sativa and Indica lineage is through the name of the strain. Indica strains originated from the Hindu Kush mountains, so when you come across strains that feature the word “kush” in the name, it’s most likely an Indica. Conversely, strains which are primarily Sativa dominant often have the word “haze” in their name. While this is one Indicator, it isn’t a fail-safe method of determining whether a strain is an Indica or Sativa. There are now so many strains available that many of the names give no Indication as to their origin. The most popular Sativa strains include Sour Diesel, Green Crack, Jack Herer and Strawberry Cough. For Indica, Grandaddy Purple, Purple Punch and Larry OG are top-selling strains.

Indica Vs Sativa High

Sativas usually have an uplifting, euphoric effect on the body when consumed and are better for use during the day, while Indicas are better known for their sedative effect and thus, are better for use at night. Sativa is applicable to situations where you’d need to have heightened senses and more alertness. Indica is more suitable for achieving a sense of relaxation and rest. Because of its higher level of CBD, Indica is able to create a high that’s concentrated more heavily in the legs and body. Sativa, on the other hand, has a lower CBD concentration which makes it more prone to creating a head high. Once you know what type of high effect you’d like to experience for certain situations or to treat specific conditions, you can choose between Indica or Sativa or alternatively pick a Hybrid strain that combines characteristics of both.

Indica Or Sativa For Anxiety

Treating anxiety with medicinal cannabis is a popular alternative to traditional medication. When it comes to deciding between Indica vs Sativa, most that suffer with anxiety are better off with an Indica strain or a CBD cannabis extract. Due to its ability to heighten senses and cause a head high, Sativa is less ideal for addressing anxiety. It is possible that Sativa could cause someone to overthink and combined with existing anxiety, this could trigger a panic attack. An Indica high is more fitting for those with anxiety because of its relaxing properties that can help the brain remain clear of overwhelming thoughts and feelings of anxiety. If you need a heavier dosage of Indica to treat anxiety, you may want to consider a cannabis concentrate. Concentrates, such as an Indica strain cannabis extract, can work quicker to address a rush of anxiety-inducing thoughts and give immediate relief and peace of mind.

Growing Cannabis and Buying Weed Online

If you are thinking of cultivating your own cannabis, it is essential to understand the difference between growing Indica vs Sativa strains. The genetics of a cannabis plant will determine the growing setup for it. Most growers favor higher-yield cannabis strains that have a quicker flowering time, and this is one of the reasons that Indica strains tend to be more popular. Indica strains have a higher average yield compare to Sativa. Harvesting is also much faster when growing Indica cannabis. It only takes around 8 weeks for an Indica strain to start flowering as opposed to 14 weeks for Sativa. The Sativa strain requires more light to grow, meaning it is more expensive to produce.

A further consideration is that Sativa strains can grow much taller than Indica ones. When growing indoors, growers prefer the Indica strain because it does not grow as tall as Sativa. The Sativa strains are commonly grown outdoors for this reason. If you decide to grow Hybrid strains, you will be able to benefit from the quicker grow time of Indica strains.

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